Candle Making in Greyton


Candle making in Greyton  –  Decadently luxurious range of unique artisan candles by Gretha Quinlan, artist

The candles are uniquely designed and crafted from a high-quality wax and formulated to be slow burning, causing a stir amongst candle connoisseurs for their exceptional carved displays of light, premium quality and longevity. The candles are available in citrus, cinnamon, vanilla, fig or unscented for those who prefer adding their own essential candle oils. The shop also stocks a small range of gorgeous candle holders and refillable containers as well as art prints and merchandise, all displayed against the backdrop of original paintings done by Gretha Quinlan.


When you arrive at Gretha Quinlan Gallery and Candle Studio, you will be greeted by husband and wife team Sylvia and Grabbi Latier. The studio is located on  Ds. Botha Street in the picturesque village of Greyton.

“These candles burn really well and the scent is just to die for. These are really good gifts that I have taken overseas and each time my friends have loved them. There is a great range from the small beautiful rose candles to the Budda head candles. Lots of candles in lovely ceramic containers also. Buy one you will not be disappointed. The shop in Greyton is just lovely.” — John McGlashanGretha’s Artisan Candles and Visionary Artworks can also be purchased online, click here to go to our online shop

Grabbi initially came in part time to help de-mould the candles and could not leave. He fell in love with candle making and now fills the space of resident candle maker. With his radiant extrovert personality, he tells visitors to the shop that he helps to spread the light, which he does with every candle leaving the shop – spreading the light far and wide across continents.

Sylvia joined the business as the business manager. With fingers firmly on the pulse, she is the solid foundation that the business rests on, answering any query with professionalism and a high level of integrity.

With Sylvia and Grabbi at the helm of production and business, Gretha Quinlan is free to focus on the creative and aesthetic side of the business – designing and making the masters and moulds of new products, as well as taking time off to immerse herself in painting in her studio at home.

The formidable partnership between these three individuals, each in love with what they do, and the aroma of the fragranced candles is what greets visitors to the Gretha Quinlan Gallery and Candle Studio. You cannot help but feel the love that permeates from the very essence of the light that shines from the candles, made in this beautiful village at the foot of a sometimes snowy mountain.

“I just love visiting your shop when we are in Greyton. On our last visit we met Grabbi, such a lovely person. The light in him shines as bright as your candles. Your candles: they make wonderful gifts and I love the smell of them, they make load shedding a breeze.”  — Marisce

Grabbi does offer considerable and very entertaining information and demonstrations in the candle factory adjoining the shop at the back, so it’s definitely an “activity” and not merely a shopping experience.



Contact Details

Contact PersonGretha
Contact Number028 254 9905
Physical Address9 Ds Botha Street, Greyton