EARS donkey sanctuary


EARS (Everyone’s Animal Rescue Society) donkey sanctuary

The organisation’s main objectives are to:

  • Assist in the care and well-being of horses and donkeys in our area by working and cooperating with the local community and providing support and advice where needed.
  • Hold quarterly equine clinics where animals are dipped and the owners are educated and given appropriate medication for the control of parasite infection.
  • Hold regular “hay days” where affordable quality feed is sold to the communities and advice is given on correct nutrition.
  • Care for abused, injured and geriatric donkeys at the Greyton Donkey Sanctuary and encourage a culture of empathy to all animals, using our donkeys and telling their individual stories to visitors and school groups.

If You would like to visit the donkeys at the Sanctuary, please contact either Shanna 084 2073900 or Jo 083 3276502

Contact Details

Contact PersonShanna/Jo
Contact Number084 207 3900 / 083 327 6502
Emailearsofgreyton@gmail .com