It’s great in Greyton

Jared Ruttenberg recently paid Greyton a visit and wrote this about our enchanting village:

Greyton, a Hiker’s Hidden Gem

Explore the many hikes and trails in the Riviersonderend Mountain Range from the cosy village of Greyton. From family walks to longer overnight hikes, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Local photographer, Estelle van Loggerenberg, recently took beautiful photos which were featured in this article – Greyton, a Hiker’s Hidden Gem –

Karen Key’s Time to Travel

Listen to this lovely excerpt from Karen Key’s Time to Travel which was recently broadcast on SAFM. Grant Davison, PR executive, talks about his recent trip to the small town of Greyton.

Greyton Farm Animal Sanctuary

Read this lovely write up about the Greyton Farm Animal Sanctuary.

Greyton Transition wins 3 awards at Eco-Logic Awards

Nicola Vernon and Marshall Rinquest of Greyton Transition Town won 3 well-deserved awards at the Eco-Logic awards.
1. Eco Community
2. Eco Angel – Nicola Vernon, CEO
3. Eco Youth – Marshall Rinquest, Director Enviropaedia

Nicola Vernon: “This award is for the thousand or more children and adults in our community who are embracing change and starting to tread on this earth with a lighter footprint. So to the 350 children in our Eco-Crew programme, the 1200 children who are studying our humane education programme, the vegetable and livestock farmers who are transitioning to more sustainable and compassionate ways of farming, the dozens of people who support our two weekly organic food markets, the estimated 600 people in Greyton who have purchased our longlife bags and thereby helped reduce our monthly plastic bag usage from 50,000 to 10,500, the many who have reduced their meat consumption or given it up all together, the 250 families who tidy up their neighbourhood and bring their waste to our swop shops, the sponsors, supporters and volunteers…”

Never quite as happy as when I am in Greyton

Wanda Coustas writes in SA Venues:

There are a couple of things you don’t realise at first about Greyton by viewing it on a map. One is that the quaint town is at the end of a road, it is not a thoroughfare (so no trundling trucks at midnight), and the other is that it is undeniably one of the most beautiful towns in the Western Cape. I say this unreservedly.

Greyton leads decrease of Carbon footprint

Greyton leads decrease of Carbon footprint

The SABC News said about Greyton:

The small town of Greyton in the Western Cape’s Overberg region says it’s taking action to decrease it carbon footprint. Non-governmental organization (NGO), Greyton Transition Town says the town wants to be a model of sustainability and self-sufficiency.

10 Things to do in Greyton

Posted Tucked against the mountains in the Overberg of the Western Cape, Greyton is a perfect weekend getaway that gets you into the country to exercise, relax, and indulge in gorgeous fresh farm food, fabulous wine and craft beer…  in whatever order you wish. Here are my favourites for Greyton.

Five Things to do in Greyton

“There are few towns in South Africa, nay the world, blessed with both the beauty and tranquility that characterizes Greyton.
In fact, I would go so far as to say that it’s what the Irish would call a ‘thin place’ – a place where the boundaries between heaven and earth collapse, and for a moment you are able to catch a glimpse of the transcendent.

Village Life: Greyton

Janet-Lynn Vorster, previous resident of Greyton, tells Globerovers Magazine about life in this quaint village…“residents in Greyton are generally busy, healthy and vibrant, so don’t let the average age of many retired residents fool you into thinking the town is not bursting with creative energy and brilliant minds”….

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