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Earthcrop Natural Beauty Products originated in Greyton and gained a thorough understanding of the various elements influencing the production of quality essential oils through the selective distilling and purchasing of oils.


With two decades of experience in the application and manufacturing of aromatherapy products, we are passionate about the healing, energizing and therapeutic aspects of essential oils and strive to pass this joy and benefit on to others.

Essential oil blends, specifically formulated per application area, are incorporated in a range of personal care products, including pure essential oils, massage oils, roll-ons, spritzers, soap bars, liquid soap, skin creams, cream cleansers, toners, hair shampoos and conditioners, heel balms, deodorants, bath salts.

Specific products have been developed for individual requests: products for autistic children,  products to relieve chronic fatigue, etc., and often these products then become part of the general range. It is therefore very much a customer driven business, with personal attention and energy applied to each case.

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Earthcrop’s Cell Renewal Range, skin care with natural ingredients only


“No wonder your skin is dry,” a friend said to me the other day. “A shower in the morning and a bath in the evening really prevent your skin from staying moist by washing off all its natural oils. What can I say? I love soaking in hot water. Earth Crop’s Cell Renewal Oil proved to be the perfect solution; not only does it keep my skin wonderfully moist and soft, its essential oils relax my racing mind after a busy day.

To my surprise, my children too love the Earth Crop Cell Renewal range. “You smell so good, Mommy, and your skin is so soft,” they say time and again as we cuddle up on the coach. They now also apply the oil to their skin after having had a bath in the evening, and claim that it makes them sleep amazingly well. A good thing that the oil is also available in larger bottles…

Product specifications

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • No synthetic fragrances
  • No mineral components
  • Essential oils: rose, frankincense, jasmine, neroli, palmarosa, lavender and rosewood.
  • Carrier oils: sweet almond, apricot kernel, evening primrose, jojoba, rosehip and wheatgerm.
  • Ingredients of the cream: Aqua, Cera alba, Cetearyl olivate, Sorbitan olivate, Butryospermum parkii (Shea), fruit wax, Hesperidin and then the ‘Cell Renewal’ essential oils.
  • Ingredients of the liquid soap: Aqua, Sodium PEG-7 Olive Oil Carboxylate, Cocoamidopropyl Betaine, Palm Kernel Amidopropyl Betaine, Mel, Ethylene Glycol Stereate, Hespiridin) and the ‘Cell Renewal’ essential oils.
  • Ingredients of the soap bar: Vegetable glycerin clear soap and the “Cell Renewal” essential oils
  • Ingredients of the shampoo: Aqua, Sodium PEG-7 Olive Oil Carboxylate, Palm Kernel Amidopropyl Betaine, Mel, Xantam Gum, Hespiridin, ‘Cell Renewal’ essential oils
  • Ingredients of the conditioner: Aqua, Cetyl Alcohol, Pentaclethra macroloba (Pracaxi) Seed Oil, Mel, Linoleic Acid, Hespiridin, ‘Cell Renewal’ essential oils

Why we like this product

  • The oil is well absorbed by the skin and does not leave an unpleasant greasy film
  • The oil is versatile in its uses: it moisturizes, its harmonious blend is relaxing and stress-reducing, and helps to heal cuts and bruises
  • Many of the essential oils have healing properties: anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, astringent, emollient, fungicide, tonic, cytophylactic
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • The product is available in different formats for different uses
  • Products are not tested on animals
  • Proudly South African


  • The oil can be used on the body, on the face and as a bath oil.
  • The body cream can be added on top of the oil; I found this particularly useful on dry hands after washing the dishes or gardening, and to protect my skin when being outdoors on a frosty winter day.
  • After waxing – whether it’s your legs, and especially sensitive areas such as the bikini, apply the oil on your skin to avoid the ‘after wax effect’ of red, irritated skin. I have a very sensitive skin and when I use this oil, I have not one red mark on my skin.

Product range & prices [as on 13/08/2014]

Cell Renewal Oil @ R252 (200ml), R70 (50ml)

A 5% dilution of the essential oils in a blend of carrier oils. Available in a pump-action applicator (clear glass) or an amber bottle with a fast-flow dropper cap. Also available in 200 ml and larger quantities.

Cell Renewal 100% Essential Oil @ R70 (11ml), R252 (50ml)

To be used in an oil burner or diffuser, as drops in a bath or added to existing products such as sun screens or moisturisers. The essential oil can also be ordered in larger quantities, upon request.

Cell Renewal Nourishing Skin Cream @ R50 (125ml), R90 (250ml)

Also available in 250 ml and larger quantities.

Cell Renewal Luxury Liquid Soap @ R45 (250ml), R85 (500ml)

A luxurious, silky, soft soap.

Cell Renewal Shampoo and Conditioner @ R45 (250ml), R80 (500ml)

Cell Renewal Soap Bar @ R17 (+/- 100g)”


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